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alternate bodies.

Alternance could be construed as an aspect of latency or, perhaps, an expression of recurrence. Latency because the very nature of human interactions is based on human body contact, its imminence, and consummation. Recurrence in the sense that, in general, bodies -and the souls within them- come and go from our reality. Some are fleeting; some are more or less permanent. Some become alternatively recurrent. Some are latent to the extent of never showing up in our days. Whether fleeting or permanent, “Alternate Bodies” is a curatorial representation of such reality.


This notion of “alternance” we bring about from latency into occurrences to present a varied set of artworks from established South Florida-Based artists from Latin America.  We bring their works into an exhibit whose theme is the human body and its alternate, its presence, and its absence thereof. These artists have engaged in long meditated journeys to explore their particular view on the topic of “corpus”: Body.


As spectators, we go on a personal journey in which the human body is at once the reader, teller, and actor of the scene. After all, it is in the alternance of our presence before each other that the magic of social interaction takes place: it happens in the flesh, if ever so fleetingly. Not only that, in such interactions, rituals and traditions are relayed, in this case, by means of art. The artist’s body conveys art, pictures her or his reality through art in the flesh. While at it, he and she illustrate our “Alternate Bodies.”


Santo Desiderio

opening reception.


Friday | May 26 | 2023

7 - 10 pm

1822 NW 22nd St,

Miami FL 33142

Alternate Bodies Exhibit

May 27 - Sept 22 | 2023

by appointment 305 674 8027

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